Draft Policy

  1. Teams will draw numbers for draft position prior to draft.
  2. Divisions with more than 2 teams will use a snake format.
  3. Teams who start the draft with fewer players will be given a chance to even up their rosters.
    1. Even up rounds take place after the 3rd round of the draft
    2. Rounds will follow the draft order
    3. For multiple rounds, follow snake format if more than 2 teams
    4. Draft will resume where it left off at the start of the 4th round.
  4. Siblings/relative rules
    1. Siblings in the same division must be kept on the same team.
    2. Relatives will be kept together when possible.
    3. When drafting grouped players, the additional player(s) counts as your pick(s) in the next round(s).
  5. Trades
    1. Trades must be finalized on draft night, before leaving the building.
    2. Both teams must agree to any trade.
    3. All trades must be approved by a CCSC board member.
  6. Special requests are not guaranteed.