Coal City Soccer Club By‐Laws

P.O. Box 256 Coal City, IL updated January 2024

Purpose of the By-Laws:

The By‐Laws for the Coal City Soccer Club (also referred to as CCSC in the By‐Laws and Constitution) are for the purpose of complimenting the CCSC Constitution and in no way will supersede the directives delineated within the Constitution. These By-Laws should be used to inform, help, and conduct activities done within CCSC.

Condition of Membership:

Membership in the CCSC of player’s parents is only for the current seasonal year and only after all paperwork is finished and accepted, and fees are paid for their participating child. Members who do not have children participating in the club must have been accepted by the board into the club.

Removal of coaches, club members, or children from the club can occur by a majority vote of the board at a disciplinary hearing occurring at a regularly scheduled board meeting. Players, coaches, or parents of players may be asked not to attend games/practices/activities until a disciplinary hearing occurs per a majority vote of the board at any time.

Operation of the CCSC:

The CCSC will be operated in alignment with the rules and regulations as decided by the Board, in conjunction with a Nationally Recognized Soccer Organization of the Board’s choosing, and as delineated in the CCSC Constitution, By‐laws, and Policy and Procedures.

Board of Directors Information:

The CCSC will be governed by a Board of Directors as outlined in the CCSC Constitution. The elected Executive Committee officers and standing committee chairmen shall constitute a Board of Directors. Each Board member will only serve a one year term which begins at each Annual Meeting. The Board of Directors shall be the official ruling body of the CCSC and shall have control and management of the business and policies governing the club. In addition, the Board will set club fees and dues and may adopt rules and regulations consistent with the CCSC Constitution and By‐Laws. The Board shall, with the approval of the Executive Board, supervise activities and affairs of the club, transact any club business between meetings and report theron at the next meeting. Each Director shall be responsible to report the progress of their committee to the Board of Directors as directed by the President. Specific functions and responsibilities of each Board position will be designated by the Board of Directors in addition to the general responsibilities listed below associated with each board position.

Executive Board Positions (5) 


  • Will preside at the meetings
  • Will vote only in case of a tie
  • Will oversee and manage all Board Members and club affairs
  • Will be the main point of contact for the club
  • Will attend scheduling meeting with other clubs along with Scheduler and/or Vice President
  • Will be a secondary signatory on checks greater than $0 (any amount)

Vice President:

  • Will serve in the absence of the president
  • Will assist with organizing draft, jerseys and registration
  • Will contact additional parent volunteers if need be for help during each season
  • Will attend scheduling meeting with other clubs along with President and/or Scheduler
  • Will organize tournament submittals and insurance
  • Will be a secondary signatory on checks greater than $0 (any amount)


  • Maintain meeting minutes for record after each board meeting
  • Submit Meeting Minutes to all board members for approval
  • Send final approved minutes to public relations member to update CCSC website
  • Maintain sponsor information (forms, logos, payments, etc)
  • Updating of forms and procedures


  • Maintain financial records
  • File taxes
  • Be a signer on checks, and distribute checks when needed / due
  • Maintain post office box 


  • Scheduling of games/tournament
  • Will attend scheduling meeting with other clubs along with President and/or Vice President
  • Work with ref assignor (currently Kevin Cathelyn)
  • Generate final season game schedules for club teams 

If a Board member is removed from their position prior to the end of their yearly term, another Board member may be voted on to fill that position by a majority vote of the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting.

CCSC Meetings:

Meetings for the CCSC will be conducted monthly and will normally take place on the Monday of the first full week of the month. Dates, time and place of the meeting may be changed, and will be determined by the Board of Directors. Notifications of the meeting will be made public in advance per the guidelines set forth in the Constitution

The format of the meetings will follow the Agenda presented by the President, and will at least follow the format laid out in the CCSC Constitution. In addition, items and issues that need to be voted on by the board, must be presented as a motion, seconded, and voted upon (with a majority of Board members voting to affirm the motion in order for it to pass). A record of the

actions and vote tallies will be noted in the minutes for each meeting.

Practice, Game Day Procedures and Rules of Play:

The CCSC will conduct their soccer in accordance with the national soccer association of the board’s choosing. In addition, policy and procedures for the club will be adopted by the board, and be made available for members to view.

Practices will be conducted at fields approved by the CCSC. They will be overseen by approved coaches who have passed criminal background checks. It is the responsibility of children’s parents to provide transportation to and from practice, and to be prompt in dropping off and picking up their children from practices.

There are to be no pets allowed near the soccer fields during soccer games. In addition, there are to be no parents on the player and coaches side of the field during game day unless for a temporary purpose of caring for their child, or dropping off needed game day equipment.

The conduct for parents of their children must be appropriate and encouraging. Should parents use profanity or inappropriate actions towards the referees, coaches or other parents, they may be asked to leave the game, or their child may be removed from the CCSC.