Head Coach

Coaching is the most time consuming and rewarding of the available coaching positions. Experience is not required to coach with CCSC. In fact, most of our coaches had no prior experience playing/coaching soccer prior to signing up. We provide a go-to board member as a director of coaching as well training sessions for new coaches. You will be required to attend a mandatory meeting and attend all practices and games or be responsible for finding an assistant coach to take your place.


Assistant Coach

Your role is to assist the head coach. You will have the option of attending meetings and will be required to attend all practices and games. If you cannot attend a scheduled practice or game, you are responsible for assuring there is a head coach or assistant coach for your team that day.

Coal City Soccer Club greatly appreciates the time given by all volunteers, especially coaches. Our coaches have a unique opportunity to impact the lives of our players in ways they sometimes wouldn't even consider. We look to have outstanding citizens and role models first, great soccer enthusiasts second. Coaches are subject to a background check and if there is any question or red flag, coaching applicants are not allowed to coach.