Coaches Code of Conduct 

Updated ‐ January 2024 


The Coal City Soccer Club greatly appreciates you making the decision to volunteer your time and talents to coach this season! Please take a moment to read through the remainder of this document as it outlines our expectations of all CCSC coaches. 


  1. Know the laws of the game and teach them to your players. 
    1. Read the IYSA RECREATIONAL SOCCER YOUTH MODULE COACHING MANUAL and attend a coaching or referee clinic to enhance your knowledge of the game. 
    2. Whatever division you are coaching you should learn drills that apply to that division. 
    3. There are many additional resources available on the IYSA website.
  2. Abide by the laws of the game and the IYSA rules. 
    1. Set the example for your players that no one is exempt from the laws of the game. 
    2. Exhibit exemplary conduct at both games and practices – your team’s discipline reflects your attitude toward these rules. 
  3. You are here to be sure that the children: 
    1. Have fun! 
    2. Play and learn Soccer 
    3. Learn teamwork (what it's like to be part of a group) 
    4. Develop discipline and commitment 
    5. Feel that they are your top priority (not winning) 
  4. Coaching Restrictions 
    1. Only people with a clear background check are allowed to wear a jersey and stand on the sideline to coach or be on the field during practice (with the board's knowledge). If anyone is found to be on the player's side without the board's knowledge, this will result in an official warning to all of the team's coaches present. 
    2. Any player or coach ejected from a game is automatically suspended from the next scheduled game. All ejections must be reported to the CCSC Board immediately following the game where the suspension took place. 
  5. Treat the referee with respect, no matter what the call. 
    1. Referees attend a training course from our head referee assignor. Please remember that most of their training is done on the pitch. 
    2. Referees are not required to be patched by USSF since this is recreational soccer. 
    3. Allow for the fact that they are human and will make mistakes, just as you do. 
    4. Coaches are expected to honor all calls made by the ref; it doesn’t mean you have to agree with it, but you must allow them to maintain complete control of the game. 
    5. Coaches to sign the referee’s card after the game upon referee requests. 

NOTE: If at any time in the season you have an issue with a referee, coach, or parent, and you are unable to resolve the issue yourself contact the CCSC Board at Please leave your contact information, a brief summary and we will get back to help resolve the issue

  1. Set an example of good sportsmanship. 
    1. Coach your players clean, skillful, and sportsmanlike soccer. 
    2. Take immediate action whenever a player demonstrates poor sportsmanship. Do this in such a way that the player is clear on what about their behavior was unsportsmanlike. 
    3. If the problem persists, meet with the parent to discuss the behavior.
  2. Team captains 
    1. Choose 1 or 2 team captains per game: rotating them weekly.
    2. Optional: U14 and older may choose 1-3 captains for the season. 
  3. Maintain a climate of enjoyment. 
    1. Have a meeting with the parents from your team. Introduce yourself to the parents. This will allow for a smoother coach, parent, & child relationship. 
    2. Be a “fun leader” to develop your team’s morale. 
    3. Discourage negative remarks and/or harassment of players, referees and other spectators among players and spectators. 
    4. All spectators are required to sit on the opposite side of the field as the players. 
    5. No air horns or whistles allowed. (Coaches need to enforce) 
  4. Maximize praise and minimize criticisms. 
    1. Make corrections slowly and calmly in a manner tailored to the individual. 
    2. Start with a positive and end with a positive. Sandwich the correction in the middle. 
    3. You cannot punish or belittle a child for any reason. We are not here to degrade them but to help build up their confidence. 
    4. It is not the role of a coach to question a player’s injury. Talk with the parents. Ask for a note. 
    5. If a player is acting in an unruly manner, the coach is advised to get the parent involved in taking care of the discipline issue, especially in the U6 & U8 divisions. 
  5. Make an effort to provide fair and equal treatment 
    1. All players are required to play at least 50% of the game. (exception:  Tournament) 
    2. Allow players more than their required‐minimum playing time whenever possible. 
    3. Regardless of skill level, make sure to pay equal attention to every player’s needs. 
  6. Coaching from the sidelines during games. 
    1. Directing your players during the match is effective coaching when it’s done in a limited fashion, and it is used to instruct players. Refrain from screaming, using foul language, and acting inappropriately. Keep encouragement positive. 
    2. It is often more effective to call a player over to the sidelines or wait for him/her to be substituted before giving them instructions. 
    3.  Especially at the younger levels, coaches should pick out one key skill for players to focus on prior to the game. The coach can monitor their progress and provide feedback throughout the game. 
  7. Pre‐plan all practice sessions in advance. 
    1. Your players will respond with more effort when you come to practice with a plan in mind. 
    2.  Make them interesting, fast-paced and involve all team members as much as possible (minimize standing in lines). 
    3. Contact the executive board member assigned to scheduling for all assigned field use days/times/changes. 
  8. Coaches agree to inform executive board members of any indictment or conviction of any felony charges.    
  9. Coaches/Team Parents are considered MANDATORY REPORTERS.  This includes (but not limited to) reporting signs of players displaying: 
    1. Physical Abuse 
    2. Mental Abuse 
    3. Substance Abuse 
  10. Other important practice considerations: 
    1. The Times 2 Policy - There should always be at MINIMUM one background checked coach/team parent and an additional adult present ANYTIME children are under your supervision. (Even when waiting for rides!) This is mandatory whenever the team is together! It is for the safety of the coaches, parents, and children! 
  11. Important considerations for match play.
    1. If you have a shortage of players, let the ref know so he/she can discuss options with the other coach.  
      1. One option is to play one less player per team (ex: 8v8 instead of 9v9) if it’s OK with the opposing coaches.  
      2. Otherwise, the team that is not one player short can play one player up. 
      3. Guest players can be used, with the following restrictions:
        1. Pull from your division when possible. Utilize TeamSnap (see 17) to ask other coaches if they have players available for you.
        2. Players can be pulled up from the next youngest division, provided the player has 1 year (2 seasons) experience in their current division.
        3. Guest players are only allowed if you have fewer players than the following:
          1. U6: 7
          2. U8: 8
          3. U10: 10
          4. U12: 13
          5. U14-U19: 15
        4. Guest players' minutes should not exceed any regular rostered player.
    2. If a game has to be canceled due to bad weather, lack of players, etc. the board scheduler must be made aware before the cancellation and will work to reschedule the game.  
      1. If it was a home game, the board will try to reschedule the game on a day of your practice.  
      2. Since both teams have to agree on this, there is no guarantee the game will be rescheduled. 
    3. Rules vary per tournament.
      1. CCSC Board of Directors will determine how rosters are constructed. Competition level, cost, availability, and other factors considered.
      2. All tournament rules and policies are to be followed at each event.
  12. TeamSnap Instructions.
    1. CCSC uses the TeamSnap software to manage communication, rosters, scheduling, and more.
    2. Rosters and schedules will be added to the application for you.
    3. TeamSnap is to be used as the primary tool to communicate with your team.
    4. All features are free to use, so feel free to take advantage:
      1. Roster - additional family members can be added to each player’s profile.
      2. Schedule - MUST use. Shared space to track all team event dates, times, and locations.
      3. Availability - track which players will be available for game day.
      4. Tracking - track players who have turned in tournament items, order forms, etc.
      5. Assignments - assign tasks, such as snack parent for a scheduled activity.
      6. Media - upload and share photos and videos with your team.
      7. Messages - MUST use. All official team communications should happen in TeamSnap.

Coaches Disciplinary Process 

At any time upon review of an incident, the CCSC board of directors will conduct an investigation. The CCSC board of directors holds the right to vote on the refusal or banning of any person from being a member or holding position as a coach or referee that may pose harm to the children

If it is found that upon our investigation, for any reason, that a coach is acting against the guidelines set forth for the Safety of the Children, the repercussions and disciplinary actions will be accordingly: 


  1. If found guilty of the aforementioned, a verbal/written warning will be issued and your volunteer file will be noted of such incident. As to which time that record will remain on file for future reference. 
  2. If continued to go against the guidelines of safety for the children, for a 2nd time, you and your child will be suspended 2 back-to-back games of the executive board’s choice. Thus, forth your volunteer file will be noted of such incident. As to which time that record will remain on file for future reference. 
  3. If for a 3rd time your blatant disregard for the safety of the children occurs, you and your child will be removed from the league for the season with no refund, volunteer check will be forfeited and your volunteer file will be noted of such incident. You will no longer be allowed to participate in this organization for you pose a risk to the children. Only then, at the start of the next season, your child will then be allowed to participate in the program. 
  4. Please note that it is not a 3-strike policy on each offense but 3 strikes overall and you are out. 


Please note: CCSC board members can also make any exceptions to the disciplinary process based on majority vote by board members.


This club has a ZERO Tolerance Policy. The Coal City Soccer Club encourages adult fans and coaches to support the League's teams by attending games and cheering, clapping, and otherwise encouraging participants. Support, however, must be exhibited in a sportsmanlike manner. Any fan, including adult fans or coaches, who behave in an inappropriate and/or unsportsmanlike manner during athletic events, may be denied admission to League events for a time frame determined by an Executive Board hearing. Examples of inappropriate and/or unsportsmanlike conduct include the following-but not limited to: 


  1.  Injury, threatening, harassing, or intimidating a coach, league board member, or any other person 
  2. Using vulgar or obscene language. 
  3. Using drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or any other illegal substances on or around the fields or the children at any time. 
  4. Failing to obey the instruction of a security officer, school district employee, or Soccer Board member 
  5. Engaging in any activity, which is disruptive or illegal 
  6. Abuse of a Referee in any form 
  7. Negative or belittling remarks toward child participants. 
    • Note: Under no circumstances are coaches allowed to insult or talk down to a child. We are here to instruct and encourage them, not scare them away from participating in group events.


If you are a coach, you MUST submit a background check. This MUST be done and cleared before 1st practice. ZERO exceptions. Flagged background checks will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. Those parents who do not pass the background check will be contacted by an executive board member to inform them of their results and that they cannot coach. If there was an error on your record it is solely your responsibility to clear it up and then you may reattempt to coach the next season. 


  • Upon review of a specific incident, the Board may meet with the offending party (unless witnesses were present) and issue a warning or suspend the offending party immediately pending the outcome of the investigation. 

Coaches Pledge 

After reading the CCSC coaches code of conduct (p. 1-5), the coaches discipline policy (p. 6), and the zero tolerance policy (p. 7), I agree to fully comply with the expectations described in these documents and in doing so pledge to contribute to the growth and safe care of CCSC participants.