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Frequently Asked Questions

What programs do you offer and at what cost?

We have soccer for children aged 4 to 14. The below chart is our program and pricing list as of Fall 2019.  The total cost of registration includes the registration fee, volunteer fee and fundraising fee.

Division Online Registration Price
U6 $60
U8 $60
U10 $65
U12 $65
U14 $65
How do I know which age division my child should play?

Below is the age matrix that CCSC and all surrounding clubs use.  It goes by birth year (Jan 1-Dec 31)
Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 Season
U6-  2014 & 2015
U8-  2013 & 2012
U10-2011 & 2010
U12-2009 & 2008
U14-2007-current 8th grade students

Volunteer Fee

$25.00 additional due at registration.  This will be refunded at the end of the season for anyone who volunteers and fulfills their commitment. This includes coaches & team parents.


An additional $40.00 fundraising fee will be added to all registration costs.  Your fundraising fee will get you 8-$5.00 raffle tickets.  You can then sell the tickets to put the $40 back in your pocket.  15 tickets will be pulled throughout the season. (5 winners pulled on 3 separate dates)  Each winner will receive $100.00.  Winners must be 18 or older.  Raffle tickets can be turned in at picture day and one additional game day. 

Why do U10 through U14 cost more than u6 and u8?

Simply, it costs the club more money to put on those programs. Fields are bigger, requiring more paint. Balls and equipment cost more at the increased sizes as well.

Where does registration money go?

Parts of your registration money go to uniforms (jerseys and socks), referee pay, tournament entry, trophies, fields (paint, grass care, goals, nets, off season conditioning, etc.), and equipment (balls, ball nets, coaches bags, clipboards, etc.). Printing of raffle tickets and 15-$100 dollar winners.

Do U6 and U8 have tournaments?

U6 has an in house tournament at the end of the season.   It is single elimination.  U8 has an in-house tournament that takes place in the final week of the season. The tournament is a double elimination.

How are teams picked?

Coaches are invited to the draft and pick their teams.  If they cannot attend, a board member picks the team for them.

When does the season start/end?

Spring season games are played in April and May (U10 and up tournament early June). Practices begin mid-end of March.

Fall season games are played August-October.  Practices begin end of July.  
(The actual weekend that games start and end on will vary from season to season.)

How many games are played in a season?

Spring season is generally 7/8 games and fall is 9/10 with teams having a tournament to end the season.

What equipment is needed to play?

All players are required to wear shin guards and soccer cleats. All players should bring his/her own (appropriately sized) ball to practice. Though not an actual piece of equipment, all players should bring water to practice and games.

What size ball does my division use?
Division Ball Size
U6, U8 3
U10, U12 4
U14 5
What do I need to know about game uniforms?

Jerseys and socks are included in the registration fee.  Parents need to provide black shorts to complete the uniform

What if the weather is cold?

Black pants are fine as long as they have their shin guards on.  Long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and even jackets are fine under the uniform.  If it is very cold or cool & windy, hats and gloves are encouraged, especially for the younger kids!

What can one NOT wear?

No one will be permitted to wear

  • earrings (cannot put tape or band-aids over)
  • hard clips/decorations in hair (metal, plastic, wood)
  • eye glasses (sports goggle must be worn)
  • spikes/cleats with a front toe spike (can be worn only if front spike is cut/filed off)
Where are the fields located?

Check out our fields page for the location of all Coal City Soccer Club fields as well as locations and directions to out-of-town fields.

Who maintains the fields?

The CCSC is not responsible for length or condition of the grass at the fields. CCSC will assist in filling of divots and patching as necessary but the owners of premises are responsible for mowing. As mentioned above, CCSC does contribute to offseason conditioning of the fields.

Where can spectators sit to view games?

Spectators may only watch games from the designated spectator section opposite the players benches. No one is permitted to view a match from the players' bench side of the field or from behind the goals.

What if I sign my child up and they do not like it?

Children change their minds on their likes and dislikes all the time, we understand!  If your child decides they no longer want to play before the first game, you may be eligible for a refund (minus the cost of jersey).  After the first game, you will not be eligible for a refund.   If you would like to have your child removed from the roster, please email or call a board member.

Financial Assistance?

Email us at [email protected].  The board will review your request for assistance.

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